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The latest recording from Michael Costa & The Beat - "The Answer" has arrived and will be shipping starting April 5, 2019. To order your…

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To order your copy of the latest recording from Michael Costa & The Beat, The Question You can submit a Paypal payment: Or you can…

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  • Steve

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Steve HayestNick Name: SteveoPlace Of Birth: Parma, OHOccupation: Musician

    Best Known For

    Instruments you play: Trumpet, Vocals, Cowbell, Congas
    Bands you have played with: Eddie Potoniec and the Polkateers, Toledo PolkaMotion, LimeLite, Change of Pace, Old School, The Beat, Captain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters,
    Anything else you’d like to share: "I got nothin" !


    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Michael CostaPlace Of Birth: Union, New JerseyOccupation: Musician

    Best Known For

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ReleasesLatest releases

  • The Answer Number of tracks : 17

    Album Name: The Answer

    Composer: Michael Costa & The Beat

    Release Date: 2019/03/15

    Genre: Polka


    1. The Answer 3:06

    2. Dance The Night Away 2:37

    3. Two Girlfriends 2:35

    4. Love Stay Away From Me 2:37

    5. She’s My Perfect 2:48

    6. I Have A Wife 3:19

    7. Little Bit Gypsy

    8. I Won’t Forget You 3:29

    9. Each Season Changes You 2:28

    10. How a Cowgirl Says… 3:17

    11. All My Tears 2:39

    12. Top Of The World 2:50

    13. I’m Blue 2:43

    14. Carry On Carolina 2:59

    15. Day Of The Wedding 2:40

    16. Walk Right Back 3:22

    17. It Won’t Be Over… 3:20

  • The Question Number of tracks : 15

    Album Name: The Question

    Composer: Michael Costa & The Beat

    Release Date: 2017/11/11

    Genre: Polka


    1.  I’d Miss You 3:01

    2.  I Remember 2:32

    3.  High Lonesome 3:11

    4.  Tell Me Tomorrow 2:59

    5.  Young Widow 3:03

    6.  Another You 3:21

    7.  Wonderful Life 2:36

    8.  Caroline Waltz 2:52

    9.  The Other Side 3:03

    10.  All Part Of Loving… 3:34

    11.  Happy Boy Oberek 2:39

    12.  Raining In… 3:39

    13.  Blue Eyes Blink 3:18

    14.  Limelite Medley 4:11

    15.  The Wind 3:52

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